Cross Cultural Training & Language Services

Moving from one region of a country to another can be frustrating. Moving to a new country, however, involves even greater difficulties. Puente Latino Group can help its corporate and government clients find their way around the new environment and the new language.

Puente Latino Group offers the following cross cultural training and language consulting services:

    Settling-In Services

  • Familiarizing the Client With the New Area
  • Contacting Utility Companies (Phone, Electricity, Gas, Etc.)
  • Contacting Municipal Services (Garbage Collection, Recycling, etc.)
  • Locating Banks, Assisting in Opening Bank Accounts, Assisting with ATM’s
  • Registering Children in School
  • Obtaining a Driver’s License
  • Purchasing or Leasing an Automobile
  • Locating Physicians and Health Care Centers
  • Locating Recreational Facilities
  • Obtaining a Social Security Card for the Employee and for Family Members
  • Shopping (Appliance, Furniture, House Décor, Groceries, etc.)
  • Providing Numbers of Emergency Services (Ambulance, Police, Fire, etc.
  • Obtaining a credit card
  • Registering With the Home Country Embassy or Consulate and Local Authorities
  • Additional Services at Client's Request
  • Tutorial Programs and Cross Cultural Training

  • Improved English Speech – Pronunciation and Usage
  • Improved Comprehension of Spoken English
  • Better Understanding of American Idioms and Everyday Usage
  • Development of Specialized Job-Oriented Vocabulary
  • A Better Group Participation Skills
  • A Better Understanding of the Culture
  • Improved Speech and Comprehension for Foreign Speakers of English
  • Improved Writing – Business, Technical, and General
  • Group Participation Skills for Meetings and Presentations

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